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Mahi Treats

Why Mahi Treats™?

"Training treats that make good dogs great"

It's time you had what I call “one-hundred-dollar-bills” in your training pouch or pocket! High value treats that pack a real punch 👊.

Mahi Treats™ are specifically designed to engage your dog’s focus, allowing conditioned responses through successful repetition.

As a trainer and behaviour specialist, I’ve seen many owners attempt to engage their dog with low-value treats. This often results in frustration or zero engagement from your dog.

Mahi Treats ™ will both entice and reward your pup with pure New Zealand sourced goodness: Freshwater salmon, green-lipped mussel, organic giant kelp, and free range chicken and liver.
Take the guessi
ng out of training and treat your dog guilt-free! Arm yourself with a bag or two of Mahi Treats™ and let’s get to work.


Behaviour specialist and trainer approved,

Jordan Coulson

Jordan Coulson (CPDT-BS, CCFT)

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